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Lokal/ Nasional Tidak Terakre-ditasi Nasional Terakre-ditasi Internasional
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1 Local exponents of two-coloured bi-cycles whose lengths differ by 1


Saib Suwilo

Malay. J. Math. Sci 2015
2 The scrambling index of primitive two-colored two-cycles whose lengths differ by 1 Saib Suwilo Far East J. Math. Sci. 2015
3 Hydrology Model for Determination on the Flood Index Based Analysis of Flood Discharge for Asahan River Management Herman Mawengkang IRJET 2015
4 Corporate Social ResponsibilityProgram Toward Sustainability Crude Palm Oil Industry Using Analytic Hierarchy Process Herman Mawengkang IRJET 2015
5 Shear Rate Analysis of Water Dynamic in the Continuous Stirred Tank Tulus, Mardiningsih, Sawaluddin The 10th International Conference on Numerical Analysis in Engineering 2015
6 Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Fluid Dynamic in the Continuous Stirred Tank Mardiningsih, Sawaluddin Bulletin on Mathematics, Vol. 7 2015
7 Modeling and Simulation of Velocity Magnitude of Water ynamic in the Continuous Stirred Tank Mardiningsih, Sawaluddin 3rd International Seminar on OR Medan 2015
8 Managing Logistic System of Waste for Crude Palm Oil Industry Herman Mawengkang IJISET 2015
9 Simple Technique of Projected Lagrange for a Class of Multi-Stage Stochastic Nonlinear Programs Saib Suwilo, Tulus Global Journal of Technology & Optimization 2015
10 A Two-Stage Stochastic Optimization Model Of Hospital Nursing Staff Management Problem Herman Mawengkang IJARCET 2015
11 Implementasi Persamaan Persamaan Navier Stokes pada Pergerakan Fluida dengan Metode Elemen Hingga Menggunakan COMSOL Tulus, Marihat Situmorang Seminar Nasional Matematika dan Terapan ke-6 2015
12 Randomness of Poisson Distribution Prodieudorandom Data on Discrete Event Simulation Ester SM. Nababan Proceeding of International Conference on Mathematicas, Statistics, and Financial Mathematics 2014
13 Finite Element Method and Finite Volume Method in Engineering Tulus 10th International Conference on Mathematics, Statistics and its Application 2014 2014
14 The Scrambling Index of Two-colored Wielandt Digraph Saib Suwilo Universal Journal of Applied Mathematics 2014
15 Upper generalized exponents of two-colored primitive extremal ministrong digraphs Saib Suwilo AIP Conf Proc 1635 2014
16 Local Exponents of asymmetric two-colored lollipoProdi Saib Suwilo AIP Conf. Proc. 1635 2014
17 An improved approach for solving Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming Problems Herman Mawengkang IRJES 2014
18 Community Parhmacy Practice Standards as Guidelines for Pharmacists in Performing Profession in Indonesia Herman Mawengkang Int. J. Pharmacy Teach. Practice 2014
19 An Optimization Model for a Supply Chain Decision Problem of Fish Processed Prodiuct Considering Inventory and Routing

Open Darnius

Herman Mawengkang

20 Modeling the Spread of Infectious Disease Considering Dynamic Social Network Herman Mawengkang IJRETM 2014

A Nonlinear Stochastic Optimization Model for

Water distribution network problem with reliability


Herman Mawengkang IJCTT 2014
22 A Model for Periodic Vehicle Routing Problem with Delivery and Pick-up considering Maximum Distance


Herman Mawengkang

IJSAT 2014

An Improved Method for Sensitivity Analysis in

Minimum Cost Flow Problem

Herman Mawaengkang IJERT 2014

Stochastic Programming Model For Sustainable

Fish Processed Prodiuction Planning Under


Herman Mawengkang


A Combined Approach for Solving Periodic Vehicle Routing Problem

with Fleet and Driver Scheduling

H. Mawengkang IJERT 2014

Optimization Model for a Distribution System based on

Location-Routing with Distance and forbidden route

Elly Rosmaini

H. Mawengkang

IRJES 2014
27 Primitive graphs with scrambling index 1 Mardiningsih Bulletin Mathematics 2014

Integer Programming Model For The Vehicle Routing Problem With Time

Windows And Forbidden Path

Herman Mawengkang IJERT 2013


H. Mawengkang


Bulletin of Mathematics 2013
30 Sustainable Multi-Prodiuct Seafood Prodiuction Planning Under Uncertainty H. Mawengkang J. of Physics 2013
31 Ecological Stability Ester SM. Nababan Prosiding of the International Conference on Operations Research 2013
32 On Finite Monothetic Discrete Topological Groups of Pontyragin Duality Tulus & Mardiningsih Proceedings of IndoMS International Conference on Mathematics and Applications, Yogyakarta, 2013. pp. 18-24 2013    
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